L'image est définie par son intention. Les mots ne sont que le support du savoir. C'est au niveau du savoir que se décide la nature de la comprehension.

L'image est une conscience. Le sentiment donne seul le sens à l'image.

Le réel et l'imaginaire ne peuvent par essence coexister.  


Jean-Paul Sartre (Extrait de "L'Imaginaire" 1940)





I slice my own photographs to create layers to which I add different tones and textures to highlight the colour schemes which allow the rhythms to appear and finally let the imaginary scenery step in.

One image will trigger the first drop on the canvas to become the main subject.  Then a second or more will step in to interact. More I add layers and more a dynamic takes place. I, here and then, allow the randomness to bring in the next layer which triggers a new layout... And so on.

Even though I have from the start a draft in mind, it's an exciting process as I never know precisely how the final scenery will look like.

So many details can trigger my imagination...

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