"My passion is meeting people in all the variety the world has to offer, while   reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with humor, compassion, humilty and curiosity.

 My pursuit of new experiences rushes me to continually evolve my vision"


 I was born in Paris of a french father and Sri Lankan mother. I speak English and French.

I am a professional photographer since 1989 after two years studying Photography at IDA-CREAR in Paris. I started in advertising as an assistant then as a photographer in a photo studio in Paris . Those were the days… Shooting with a Sinar view camera, using 4x5" film, a colour/grey scale and Balcar lightings. Then I would lock myself in a dark room for hours, (only for the Black&white prints).

 Today, natural light is my-only-lighting-gear and my laptop is far more minimalistic than my old faithful dark room. Travelling light is comfortable!


Architecture photography - The lines, the shapes, the contrasts and textures characterise an intriguing field.  The interaction between space and light is always appealing to explore.

I have been lucky to photograph some amazing projects. I have created a separate page for the interiors & ambiances   photography to ease the reading.


My personal research photography work - My photographic field is mainly in Sri Lanka where I explore the luxurious landscapes through my road trips. I love driving which allows me to freely and spontaneously go anywhere.

Through my travels, I'm drawn to big cities where I like walking to explore the past within the present in Architecture and lifestyle.

There are so many places I would love to discover. So many travel plans!


Portraits - I hardly take portraits of people randomly as I don't feel comfortable doing so. There has to be an eye contact, a complicity, a story behind this brief connection. Only then, if they allow me, I feel comfortable taking a photograph of them.

All the portraits in my gallery are either from assignments, or some of these magic instant connections, or wonderful people I am grateful to have in my life.


Documentary  and  Humanitarian Projects -  I have a particular affection for these fields and this is where the meaning of my quote above, is more than ever relevant. 


 To sponsor or support APPE LANKA and it's effort to empower the people of Poonakari, kindly call +94 (11) 2582103 / +94 77 2872056 or email : info@awakeninglanka.com

 Please, check the  website  for further informations and stay tuned with it's  FaceBook page!


If you have any questions or a request, you are welcome to send me an email.


Enjoy the visit!

Architectural & Interiors Portfolio 2014/2015
Architectural & Interiors Portfolio 2014/2015

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