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I was born in Paris of a french father and Sri Lankan mother. I speak English and French.

During my childhood, visits to my grand parents in Ceylon meant discovery and adventures. All my senses were awakened!

These Ceylonese holidays were alternated with wonderful road-trips to the Basque country in the south west of France, where my father was born.


 I entered IDA-CREAR (Paris, from 1987 to 1989) to study Photography and History of Art. I then worked in a photo studio, first as an assistant then as a photographer. My main assignments at the time were in advertising.


Those were the days… Shooting still with a Sinar 5x4 view camera, a Kodak colour/grey scale and Balcar flash lights. I would eventually lock myself for hours in the dark room for the Black&white prints.


Today, natural light is my main lighting gear along with the ambiant lights.


From September 2018, I will share my time between Sri Lanka and the Basque country. Therefore, I will be available for your photographic project on both locations and further away... I am available on any location around the world . 


Fine Art prints  - Online sale of limited edition photographs.

A sale just ended. I am working on a new selection of photographs.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about one or more photographs on this website, please ask.

(Portraits, Architecture & Interiors images are not for sale).


If you have any questions or a request, you are most welcome to send an email here.


Kind regards,

Olivia Bonnal Sansoni