Appé Lanka project


Appé Lanka is a rural development project initiated by Awakening Lanka PVT Ltd in partnership with the Sri Lankan government’s ministry of Reconciliation and Reconstruction to provide renewable electricity and social services to households in rural, predominantly Tamil villages recovering from decades of civil war. In addition, AppéLanka will provide psycho-social empowerment through counseling starting with school children. Appé Lanka has a long term vision that includes educational training and a retirement center to create sustainable economic development for Poonakary. 



Appé Lanka is already underway in Poonakary, in the Kilinochchi District in the war ravaged Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Poonakary has a population of over 20,000 residents in a 4392 km area north of the tourist town of Kalpitiya. It enjoys a long pristine coastline along the West of Sri Lanka as well as the entire southern end of the Jaffna lagoon.

AppéLanka has completed the pilot project of providing solar home systems to 28 homes in Poonakary, with a further 1000 homes identified in the next phase for the nearby villages. 

To sponsor or support Appé Lanka and it's efforts to empower the people of Poonakari, kindly call +94 (11) 2582103 / +94 77 2872056 or email :


Please, check the website for further informations and stay tuned with it's FaceBook page!

We need and love our Kade stops along our 7 hours trips to Poonakary. With Shaan Corea, Founder of Appé Lanka.

January 19th, 2017

The public transport in Poonakary area is very few and by so, most of the children drop school.

So 75 bikes were handled to the Poonakary school children  but more are needed .


Peace and Reconciliation Fair - January 29th, 2017

Shaan Corea, Founder of Appé Lanka, in the morning during the installation for the Fair with the help of the Army.

SPORTS FOR UNITY - Poonakary, June 2017

DRAMA WORKSHOP, Poonakary, June 2017

The Drama workshop was held by the amazing Mind Adventures Theatre