THE BED - Sri Lanka

An ongoing Project

Projet en cours

THE BED - Sri Lanka is an ongoing project of a series portraying individual women, coming from different backgrounds, living and taking different paths, having different dreams,, different origins and Religions and going through different battles... But all, for one moment, sitting on the same bed.

I want to highlight their story, their femininity, their fragility as well as their strength.

This series is the first of more to come...


I'm looking for more BEDS in more countries. If you are interested by this project, if you have suggestions and if you would like to get involved,  please contact me. Thank you.


THE BED - Sri Lanka est un projet en cours présentant des portraits de femmes de tout âge, assises sur un même lit, Elles viennent de différentes classes sociales, choisissant et vivant des voies différentes, ayant des rêves différents, venant d'origines et de Religions différentes et traversant des batailles différentes... Mais toutes, pendant un instant, s'assoient sur le même lit.

Je veux mettre en avant leur parcours, leur féminité, leur fragilité tout comme leur force.  

Cette série est la première de plusieurs à venir...


J'aimerais trouver d'autres BEDs (lits) dans d'autres pays. Si ce projet vous intéresse, que vous avez des suggestions et que vous souhaitez y participer, Merci de me contacter..

Nazreen Sansoni is a poet and an art curator 

Tracy Holsinger is an award winning director, teacher, actress and an activist 

Subha Wijesiriwardena is a feminist activist, researcher, actress and writer/blogger

Carmen Perera is an interior designer and a free spirit 

Upeka Chitrasena was a Sri Lankan traditional dancer for 50 years. She stopped her professional career in 2011 and is now teaching to the young generation in the Academy created by the dancing duo, the late Chitrasena and his wife Vajira, her parents

Radhika Hettiarachchi is a development practitioner, arts curator, and researcher who has worked extensively in the areas of reconciliation, peace, and conflict.

Pat Mamelka is an interior designer and photographer

Layla Gonaduwa is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist in Sri Lanka

Ameena Hussein is a sociologist, a writer, editor and publisher

Nicola Bolling is an Art director

- Shaan Corea is the founder of Appé Lanka