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Paparazzi Live magazine, nov. 2013

An article about Loaï, a lovely French Soul singer!


5th - 10th july 2013

Out of The Frame is a platform for Photography based in Sri Lanka and seeks to enhance skills, create opportunities and facilitate possibilities for diverse contemporary photographic practices, through our educational/development programmes, talks and exhibitions. We support and encourage creatively and critically engaged practitioners in Sri Lanka (and beyond).

The participating Photographers for Women - Out of The Frame exhibition were selected through an open call for submission which included a press campaign, pre submission workshops in Colombo and outside, to introduce the project, and networking through social media and the photographic community.


The project was conceived and directed by photographer/educator/curator, Menika van der Poorten and is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka


Website : Out of the frame

PIX magazine

Oct. 2012 - PIX magazine on the Metamorphoses theme - Traces of conflict.


Une participation au magazine Indien PIX sur le thème des métamorphoses après-guerre au Sri Lanka, suivie d'une exposition itinérante en Asie.

- Ode to a hero - Elephant pass, north Sri Lanka © O.B.S.
- Ode to a hero - Elephant pass, north Sri Lanka © O.B.S.

July 2012 - HI magazine, Sri Lanka

© O.B.S.
© O.B.S.

May 2012 - Sri Lankan Airlines magazine 'Serendib'

Magazine ETC - 2011

Pour Sylvie Sans, créatrice de bijoux.


Magazine LOKALIRRI - 2011

Dejeanne s'invite dans les pages mode du dernier Lokalirri, le magazine rock and roll churros...


Dejeanne : 9, rue de la Salie à Bayonne.


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