- Barefoot Gallery - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fine Art Prints

Dyptich - Tuk Tuk - Printed on Fine Art Lisse Harman by Hahnemülhe 300g. 50 x 70 cms.                                                                  Signed and numbered from 1 to 10, (5 left)

Fine Art Prints printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper 308 gsm

Dyptich - Bettle leaves - Fine Art print - Signed

Size A1  - A triptych - Lost in translation - signed

Fine Art prints signed

Classic prints

Printed on Epson - Size A2

A dyptich - Submarine - Printed on Epson paper - 2 x A2

A serie - The Shrine - 4 x A4

Cairo - A serie -  3 x A4

Printed on Epson paper - Size A4

Printed on Epson paper - Size a3

In addition to the exhibition, a portrait gallery...

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